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Frank Di Genova was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. He is an author, energy healer, certified hypnotist, hairstylist, business owner, and a hobby musician. Frank is a master in both Usui Reiki and Sound Reiki ® healing. He is a certified Indian Head Massage practitioner, and a QiGong healer. Frank incorporates all of these methods into a unique healing experience.

At a young age, Frank knew there was more to life than the mundane goings on. This led him on an arduous personal journey to discover his truth and purpose. He has researched virtually every faith and religion, ancient teachings, quantum physics, social dynamics, allopathic and naturopathic health, self-empowerment and the many branches of spirituality. Frank’s pursuit continues; everything he learns he’s committed to sharing it with those who seek it.

Frank has always been hesitant to declare himself a coach, teacher or healer. He believes one can help others only when they have healed themselves first. Until one has fully intreated they will create more harm than good. Some read a book, take a weekend workshop or watch a few videos and profess to be a master-teacher-practitioner. These charlatans always seem to bounce to a new specialty when they’ve tapped-out their resources or when they’ve found a new trend to exploit.

Frank believes there is a place for these overnight gurus, they’re for the majority of seekers who want a quick-fix—those wanting to lick the icing and not the filling inside the cake. Frank only works with those who are committed to change and with those who want learn from the life-book, not from a textbook.

Frank has been studying and incorporating masculine and feminine polarity for many years. He believes polarity not only addresses the challenges faced in one’s relationships but also in one’s life. Frank believes understanding and embodying polarity is a major part the real spiritual work needed to awaken on the path to self-realization. His one wish is that we all find lasting peace within ourselves.

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